In Touch

Sarantoula Sarantaki


Sarantoula is an independent movement artist specialised in the field of Improvisation and
Contemporary dance based in Freiburg, Germany. She has worked as a dance performer, dance
maker and teacher in Europe and Asia. Her investigation in movement and dance is inspired from
somatic principals such as BMC, Feldenkreis, contemporary dance, experiential anatomy and
martial arts which supports & allows her to develop an integrated body and kinaesthetic awareness.
She graduated at TIP – Bewegungs art, school for contemporary dance, Improvisation and
Performance in Freiburg, DE. Her teaching integrates different movement approaches that focus on
creating a ground where the body gains trust and moves in playful ways with the physical forces.


Class for the New Years Festival:

Meet in Playful Dialogue with Clarity

In this class we investigate questions like: how to move with ease, how can a dialogue
become playful? A main focus is to cultivate an integrated body, moving organically connecting
periphery to center. We develop our physical intelligence and a greater kinesthetic awareness and
investigate the relation body – space – ground.
We touch, sense, experience and move from our bones. We explore our skeletal system that offer
us a light quality and sense of clarity in our dance, deepen our skills in the contact dance. We
invest time in relation between structure – function and play with the physical forces, gaining
trust and confidence. We discover pathways in and out of the ground, transitioning fluidly across
levels. Class exercises include also principles from release technique, floor work, experiential
anatomy and somatic approaches such as BMC. We work both solo and with partners –
integrating our skills we meet in playful dialogue...