In Touch

Jasminka Stenz



is a professional choreographer and dancer (Contemporary-dance,
Contact-improvisation and TangoArgentino) performing, teaching and researching the art
of improvisation, composition and of taking risks.

Rowan Blockey (actor and musician) will assist Jasminka in the class.


ContacTango is a beautiful meeting that allows us to
take over or let go into the frame of Tango or CI. It
offers many opportunities for new ideas to the
empathic in the danceflow, to understand dance as a
refreshing dialogue and to play with invisible
leadership changes. Jasminka Stenz will guide you
into the beauty of leading and following, with a deep
approach to the complex of musicality and rhythm of
a dance, that we make in the moment.
No matter how much experience you have in Tango Argentino or Contact Improvisation: You're
warmly welcome.