In Touch

Jana Schildt


Jana Medium

Jana Schildt is a mediator, holds a PhD in peace studies and loves to dance -  Tango, Gaga, Contact Improvisation. She works with a body-centered approach to conflict resolution (somatic mediation method) in Berlin.

Becoming a container for (inner) contention.
When life doesn’t go the way we want it to, we tend to experience conflict. Conflict with regard to emotional, external or mental constellations; be it within ourselves or in interaction with others. Within the sometimes challenging frame of a contact impro festival, it is not uncommon to struggle with challenging inner or interpersonal conflicts.
There is a range of possible reactions for meeting them: confrontation, avoidance, accommodation, negotiation or cooperation. However, the habitual choices we make are not always the most constructive nor supportive ones for allowing to transform what hurts us. Based on the somatic mediation method, this workshop will enable you to get a playful glimpse of …
… connecting in an experiential way to your conflict habits & to enlarge your repertoire of action (part 1| supporting myself in conflict)
… making space for and being with others’ inner struggles in a safe & integrated way (part 2| supporting each other in conflict.