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 The Program below is still from 2018/19. The new Program for 2019/20 will have the same structure (incl. the water lab), and will be published here soon! 



A few words about some formats:

Sharing Groups:

After the morning classes we have Sharings, a daily practise in small groups of 3-4 people where you witness and express what is going on in this particular moment, in your body, mind or emotional system. Each person gets 7 minutes to share and the others are just there to listen and witness. No asking question or reactions needed and for sure no advice.

It can be a great support for you festival journey!

Labbing time: The classes are 2 hours with an additional 30 min labtime.

The idea is that the class can flow into a more open time where you can try out things, ask questions or simply continue dancing. So you are free in how you want to transition into the labbing time. Just dancing and jamming or it could also be a discussion or bodywork. I´ts a space where different ways of learning can coexist in the space.

CI Essential class: are right after the Dinner and are meant to help people newer to Contact Impro to practice different skills. You are also welcome to dive again and again into CI essentials.

Bodywork class: Happening on the 1st after the CI Essential class, 20.30

We offer a place where people can take easily part and regenerate their energy. Usually it's a very soothing, simple hands-on class where it is also possible also to leave after the first hour to join the Jam.

Water Lab: will happen on the first morning. a group of about 30 people will go to Liquidrom to experiment in the Water with moving and dancing. As it's not allowed anymore to do teaching in the pool it's more a lab. The entrance fee of Liquidrom is 25 euro.

Beginner "Dinner": A few teachers/experienced dancers sit together during mealtime and invite to join them. The topics can be very open and different. Its an open invitation to ask questions about CI / the festival and share experiences.

> You do not need to register for any offer in advance. Just go there on time!

For the Waterlab you need to be in the preparation meeting!