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You enjoy working in teams and taking care of your surrounding? Then we need your help for 6 hours in the whole festival in the kitchen or cleaning and setting up on the 30th and down on the last day 2nd. Please plan to arrive at noon on the first day and stay till 3pm on the last day. You will pay 60 Euro less for the Festival.

Please contact us if you want be in the team: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Only write to us if you can come for the whole duration of the festival!


As a helper you pay 60 Euro less for the festival and commit yourself to 6 hours of work during the four days of the Festival. We try to keep workshop times as free as possible, nevertheless be prepared to miss some small parts of the program.

You get a place by writing to us. If you get a "yes" you can register as a helper on the webpage and pay the deposit. If you do not register or transfer the deposit of 80 euro within one week, after we confirmed you a helper place, we will give your place to the next person on the list.

We always have a waiting list for the helper jobs, so please make sure to come if you reserve a helper place! Its so important to run a smooth Festival!

* If you feel like working more hours we do need some spezial helpers to support our cook* let us know if you are interessted in that option.

Welcome to the team!