In Touch

Rob Kancler

My fascination with Contact Improvisation as a dynamic movement practice, contemporary art form, and somatic modality is mostly about it being a point of entry into creative, interpersonal, and embodiment research. Starting as a superficial curiosity I began exploring CI in 2008, and have been actively teaching dance improvisation, somatic research, and body-conditioning for movement artists internationally since 2016. I’m influenced by classical and contemporary forms of dance, yoga and martial arts, Thai massage, BodyMind Centering, Alexander technique, and the Feldenkrais method. Recently, exploring momentum, articulation of the spine, and softening in relationship to the floor have been at the forefront of my research. Nature and the luminous dancers and teachers I’ve worked with are always my biggest influence and inspiration.


Rob will not be teaching this time, but be present through dancing and some tuning ins or other little tasts of his work!


Rob portrait