In Touch

Nina Radovanovic


I am a human being, a mermaid, a dancer and yogini.  
Thirteen years ago in India, I discovered the internal practices of yoga and meditation that influenced the course of my life.
I spent 8 years in Asia, living and studying with many teachers and masters in China, India and Bali. I was experimenting with different meditation techniques and attended few Vipassana retreats, had my own Mouna (silence) practice. I was also studying in Tantric ashram in India where I got my teacher certificate.
Being always curious about body-mind I was exploring diverse bodywork techniques from Thai and Ayurveda traditions to more recent somatic practices. I fell in love with contact improvisation, which has allowed me to observe my mind-body connection in a totally new way.
Finally, I rediscovered my essence in water through Aguahara treatments and water dance.
I am trying to offer more somatic approach in my yoga classes with the accent on listening to our body-mind. My classes are influenced by all I have been doing in my life, traditional yoga lineage, tantra and Buddhist philosophy, as well as by my dance and water practice.
In Belgrade I teach weekly yoga classes. I have also been teaching and organizing meditation, yoga and dance retreats in Belgrade and worldwide


Nina will offer morning Yoga classes on the Festival!