In Touch

Dino Spiri


CI class for the Festival:
What’s behind you?

Basic CI technique with a slight focus on backspace

It is helpful to understand your own body in and through movement, and it is helpful to practice basic principles that are part of the movement language we are using to communicate with our partner(s) in this dance-form.

I would like to spend a good part of class working with the backspace (the backside of your body and what is behind it). We tend to forget about the powerful support that a soft, yet strong back can provide. This is not surprising, as we are living our everyday life mostly in and through the front of our bodies. Our arms and hands are operating in front of us, our eyes are looking forward, we walk forward… We can open up a whole universe of possibilities by remembering our own backs and including the backspace in our dancing. This can feel pretty exciting, too! I will draw our attention more towards the backside of our bodies during this class and introduce movement material to explore and play with.

Bodywork class :
Touch & Movement

One premise of a satisfying CI experience is to ‘arrive in your own body’, ‘be centered’ or ‘grounded’ before engaging into movement and touch with others. How can we create a situation where those popular phrases can become a physically felt experience? You can expect a rather slow class during which we use movement and touch as sources of replenishment.

A particular focus will be on the infamous Alexander- or Non-Doing Touch. This quality of touch can be described as ‚just’ being there, being present with my partner through being present with myself. An amazing place to start from - a gateway for communication is being established that can now be fed with ideas and directions. It is like beginning a conversation with actually listening rather than talking, it is softening into what’s there between you and your partner.

Dino Spiri is dancing and teaching CI for a decade by now. His experience and knowledge of the moving body and his teaching are strongly influenced by the Alexander Technique (he is a certified teacher of the Alexander Technique), Klein Technique, his meditation practice and BMC® and by working intensively with many wonderful teachers like Yoyo van der Kooi, Dan Armon, Eva Karczag, Joerg Hassmann, Hanna Hegenscheidt, Friederike Tröscher and Jens Johannsen, and Susanne Middendorf.

Dino Spiri tanzt und unterrichtet CI seit einem Jahrzehnt. Sein Wissen über den bewegten Körper und sein Unterricht sind stark von der Alexander-Technik (Dino ist zertifizierter Lehrer der Alexander-Technik), Klein Technik, seiner Meditationspraxis und BMC®, und durch die intensive Arbeit mit vielen wunderbaren Lehrer*innen wie Yoyo van der Kooi, Dan Armon, Eva Karczag, Joerg Hassmann, Hanna Hegenscheidt, Friederike Tröscher und Jens Johannsen und Susanne Middendorf beeinflusst.