In Touch

Julian Elizari Romeo


From the listening embrace to the playful body.

We will research different Tango embraces using the qualities from our touch, starting from the skin to a deeper contact. We will keep our focus in the connection-Partner and discover ways to come into a dialogue with the others as well as with the floor. Sharing weight, using specific Tango contra-balance and moving in the space in a joyful way, mixing the principles of  Argentine Tango and Contact Improvisation.
The work will enrich our improvisational skills, to be used in any form of dance.


About Julián


He was born in 1974 in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
His current residence is Berlin, Germany.

Julian began taking classes in dance from a young age. He practiced physical theatre with Pablo Bontä and took classes wiht traditional Tango dancers like Pepito Avellaneda, Pupi Castello, Tete, Ester y Mingo Pugliese, El Flaco Dani, La Negra Gonzales and others. At the age of 22, he received his degree from the Institute of National Education in Bs As, Argentina. He took classes in Argentina learning the Martha Graham technique, contemporary dance, release, low flow and Contact Improvisation.

His passion for dance and movement lead him to continue working and travelling in Europe as a dancer and Tango teacher. Following his degree he first came to Florence, Italy, where he studied at the Lilia Bertelli school of “Danza e movimento”. He was then hired as an actor and teacher of dance by the Isole theatre company (ricerca and formazione teatrale).

From his experience in theatre and tango dance he discovered improvisation in movement. Following on from this he began to explore and work more with Contact Improvisation.He collaborated with the choreography for one project working with the Race of Rhythm company in London, England. He has worked as a dancer and teacher giving workshops in Tango Argentino and Contact Improvisation at several European festivals of Dance including, Poland, UK, Germany and Italy.

.He took part Rehgulary in EIMCILA and ECITE meeting Teachers of contact improvisation in BsAs and Europe.

Julian has been teaching Traditional and Modern Tango argentino for more then 15 years. Currently he teaches Tango and Contact Improvisation, often combining the two together at some contact improvisation jams in Berlin, Germany and in Tango Festivals. He is constantly developing his practice as a professional dancer and teacher taking regular classes and participating in different festivals of dance and Teather.

Julian Romeo