In Touch

Simone Beck



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Helper Coordinator Contact Improvisation Festival Berlin & New Years Festival Berlin


"Fascinated by human being – the language and communication on all different levels, behavior and their way to express themselves – I have traveled the world for several years. Africa, Australia, Asia, India, America. I was observing. Learning to feel, to read, to understand the different cultures.

What I have learned the most on this journey, what it means to be 'home'. Not the place. The feeling. Being ok as I am. Being loved as I am. Being supported in what I am. Most of all: Loving myself as I am."

Coming back to Germany, I stumbled over the In Touch-Festival in may 2013 and felt in love, felt home! In the beauty of Contact-Impro-Dance and the loving surrounding it creates. 

"This is how it all started!! I didn't skip one. In Touch for me became a journey. A journey to myself. A path of healing my soul. Learning to trust and let nearness happen. A path to truly deep love. To myself and others. Learn to feel my boundaries, learn to accept my boundaries, learn to communicate my boundaries. 

This is such an important and highly intense step and work on ourselves! And my vision is, to create a place, to make this journey safe. To give everyone the best support, the best possibilities to let ourselves fall – safe!! To rise again in your own power with your new enlightenment."

Now, based in Berlin, Simone is working as nature pedagogue and graphic designer. To make kids 'feel' where they come from. Who they are. And support visions and projects, who believe in the beauty of life and oneness, but do not have enough money to promote themselves.