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Tanja Schlegel


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Special supporter, she has been teaching, assisting & cooking in almost all In Touch Festivals and Journeys internationally!


Tanja Schlegel`s love to water started already in her early childhood. You could find her for hours playing in the ocean swimming, diving, rolling, dancing ñ often imagining to be a mermaid. Years later she finally started to bring her deepest passions water and dance to a professional level.

During a travel through Mexico in the beginning of 2008 she discovered Janzu, a water massage technique, and realized how powerful and healing water-work could be. Inspired by the beauty and depth of water massage she decided to take an intensive course in Aqua Harra (mixed tools from diverse Water massage techniques, designed to create your own stile in a meditative consciousness) and became a partitioner .

While traveling throughout the world she has gained experience in giving sessions in different temperated pools as well as in natural waters like lakes, rivers and the ocean. During these travels she also studied Classical Oil Massage, Ayurvedic Marmal Point Massage, Esalen Massage, passive Stretchings, different Tantra styles and finally discovered Contact Improvisation.

Amazed by the principles of contact improvisation, dancing in the moment, sharing weight, feeling, touching, flying, giving and following impulses, she started to experiment with these principles also in her water-work. She began to play with two partners being active in the water, slowly discovering this new liquid three dimensional dancing space.

Tanja is now based in Spain working as a Aqua Harra partitioner and organizer of water Jams and Workshops. She also keeps traveling the world in order to share, teach and of course to constantly learn more.