In Touch

Mirva Mäkinen

I graduated (Masters of Art in Dance) from the Dance Department
of the Theatre Academy of Finland in 2000, before that i study masters
in Physical Education in University of Jyväskylä. Afters studies I
have worked widely in Finland as a dancer, dance teacher and
choreographer. My true passion is in movement. 2010 i was chosen to do doctoral studies
(PHD) in Theatre Academy in Helsinki, Finland. My research is about
"Somaesthetics of Contact improvisation".
From 2000 onwards I have worked as dance teacher
at the Kallio Upper Secondary School of Performing Arts in Finland. I
have taught at different international dance and contact
improvisation festivals. As a dancer I have worked in
different dance companies, at the moment in Karttunen Kollektiv, Circo
Aero and with Joona Halonen. During 2010-2011 i was in USA (University of Nevada, University of Colorado and Earthdance) as a Fulbright scholar.
In dance I am interested in the feeling of flow and soft movement. I
love to investigate movement, its rhythm and different ways of
inhabiting the body. A feeling of dancing is created by being able to
switch the body from total relaxation to extreme intensity and
tension. I call this the body’s ability to breathe and create
movement. My ideal is total presence, which makes every moment true
and meaningful.