In Touch

Ka Rustler


Originally trained as a gymnast and classical dancer Ka continued her education at the SNDO in Amsterdam working with pioneers in the field of improvisation and dance. Over the course of 30 years Ka has been a leading member of Tanzfabrik Berlin, a networker and co-organizer of European Contact Improvisation Teacher Conferences, Exchanges and CI Festivals, a performer, choreographer, improviser and researcher. Supported by a fellowship grant she studied with Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen the basic physiological and developmental movement system, and received her degree as a Body-Mind Centering® practitioner and Somatic Movement Educator in ’94, profoundly influencing science and somatic practice into dance education in Europe. She has collaborated with numerous artists worldwide inspired by her curiosity to explore and finding the joy, risk and freedom to go beyond limitation. Her work for film and stage has been featured at dance and theatre festivals in Europe, Mexico, Russia, Japan and USA.

Ka’s work experience also includes somatic psychotherapy and international top management trainings. Currently she teaches Methods and Tools derived from BMC® and other somatic systems researching their application in movement, choreographic explorations and neuroscientific connections of Learning with Movement at Universities and Institutions internationally.

She is co- founder of the Berlin based Institute for Body, Dance and Therapy , member of the Authentic Movement Practice Unwinding the Body and Embodiment Research Group Emergence of Form. She is mother of two children.