In Touch

Elske Seidel

Entering a Liquid State: 

Water Laboratoy in the Liquidrom (36 degrees salt water pool) and a Land Class in the studio

Water Laboratory:

  • In this lab we will take our Contact Improvisation practice into warm water immersing into the element, allowing water to teach us. In water our sense of gravity, weight, space and touch changes. All of our skin 'in contact', supported by the touch of water, bringing us into a deep experience of ourselves, the enormity of space and the connectivity of all.

    In water we have no compression impacting our bodies from the outside, except water itself, allowing our muscles to soften and unnecessary holding and tension patterns to release. As we yield into water, we become water.

    While we are supported, floated and gently moved by a partner, we can sense the fluid quality outside and inside our bodies. Entering a liquid state, we can perceive our spines responding in gentle waves that spiral, absorbing and integrating the information.

    In this deep state of release and bonding our breathing relaxes, slowing down. We can be under water naturally, connecting both worlds with ease. Being held by water our head can release, opening a three-dimensional space around us. The backspace becomes naturally accessible, as we are a fish, having no limits and no limitations.

    When dancing in water with a partner, we are moving with water and each other. Space becomes available to us as its own entity. Not as a world in which to orientate ourself, but as a state to experience.

    Please note:

    • On Thursday at 2 pm there will be a Prep Session in the studio – obligatory for

      everybody who wants to join us in the pool.

    • At the pool there will be no teaching during the Water Laboratory.

    • Bring a bathing suit, a nose-clip and - if needed - ear plugs !

    • On Saturday afternoon there will be a land class with Elske bringing the

      experience of the water into the studio.

    • Additional Pool costs: 24,50€ for 4h plus public transportation in Berlin

  • Land Class in the studio:
  • This class builds on our experience in water and also invites people to join who are interested in the topic but may not have had the opportunity to join us in the water.
  • Coming out of the water we perceive support differently. Gravity is back, holding us in a soft exchange. A deep appreciation for the floor and what is solid nurtures our arrival. As we move our awareness inside, we can sense the resonance of the water still moving in our bodies.A liquid state is now available to us in water and on land. We can enjoy our soft released body, open to the waves and spirals happening as we respond naturally to gravity. Organic movement possibilities become fluidly accessible. We can yield into gravity on a deeper level, allowing gravity to move us, finding soft strength, ease and effortlessness.Three-dimensional space is now part of us. Directions are open, inviting us to fully experience the backspace as the completion of our roundness and even further, as a continuous spiral, a world into which we can reach and find support. Moving from a liquid state, in solo and with a partner, we allow our bodies to experience space in all its freedom and potential.


  • Elske Seidel 

based in Berlin, is a passionate CI dancer & teacher, deeply committed to CI and its community internationally. She has been teaching dance full time and wholeheartedly since the early nineties, CI since 2004.

Her boundless fascination and joy exploring and researching Contact Improvisation in all its depth and subtleties, inspires her workshops, privates, ongoing classes, and each of the projects she creates. 

    • She holds a master's degree in Sport Science, Education and English from the University of Hamburg, Germany. Her main research question 'the essence of dance and its teaching' motivates the heart of her work from her early days at University until the present day.

    Her work recognizes nature as a core source for knowledge, understanding and inspiration. She explores and teaches CI in the studio as well as in nature and in water, each informing and enriching the other.
    Meeting the moment, she offers organic support for the individual and the instant community as it emerges, allowing each to feel, find and follow what they need to enjoy dancing.
    She is the artistic director of the Annual Contact Festival Fuerteventura/ Spain and co- creates Dance Your Question: CI Research Week for Experienced Contact Dancers, CI Training Program Hamburg/ Germany, CI Workshop Series BASICS in Hamburg/ Germany, Nature as Teacher Workshops, and co-organized among many other projects ECITE - European Contact Improvisation Teachers Exchange in Ponderosa/ Germany in 2014.

  • Also see video about Elske's work:
    Interview with Elske Seidel about Nature as Teacher