In Touch

Alexandra Schwartz


Photo from Apr 18 2014


Alexandra Schwartz (born 1986 in Würzburg, Germany) is a Berlin-based dancer, pedagogue and activist.

Her vision is to create collaborative projects that connect art, education and activism. Subversive dance theatre is a tool for her to challenge the status-quo.

In 2012 she completed her Master of Education Studies in Philosophy, English and Physical Education. Her thesis ‘Contact Improvisation: the dialogue-based movement learning approach in dance’ investigates the intersection of the Socratic Method and CI.

Her artistic background includes extensive training in Contemporary and Modern Dance, Ballet, Contact Improvisation and Street Dance in Berlin, Paris, Barcelona and Stockholm. Alexandra Schwartz received two scholarships enabling her to take part in the international programs for professional dancers at the Broadway Dance Center in NYC in 2005 and the Vertigo School of Dance in Jerusalem in 2014.

Her activist work includes the Radical Contact, a meeting on Contact Improvisation and Body Politics ( and more recently she has been involved with NGOs in the Middle East using dance to promote peace and social change.

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