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In Touch is a place where body, mind and spirit come together to play,
practice and celebrate through contact and improvisation.

Berlin New Years Festival


Berlin New Years Festival                                                   find-us-on-facebook-3                                

30 Dez - 2 Jan 2016 


Contact Improvisation, Somatic Practises, Watercontact, Yoga & Live Music

with Christine Mauch, Daniel Werner, Rosalind Holgate Smith, Anir Leben, Nadja Schwarzenbach, Naama Ityel, Marina Fernandez de Haro and more. Plus cosy Chill Out area by Andreas Kubny & Nadja El Eid!

A new years gathering with the Berlin contact family. In three sunlit dance studios and the Liquidrom a darkened dome with warm saltwater pool waiting for us. This unique and warm event for the contact community gives us lots of opportunities to be together, dance, celebrate, cook, share and invite the new year with joy and light ! Look up the scedule, classes, teachers and musicans. You will see our rich and balanced program gives us plenty of time and space to dive into sensing, feeling and action. 

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Goa In Touch Journey                                              find-us-on-facebook-3

12. - 18. Jan 2016


Contact Improvisation, Somatics Practices, Beach-Ocean watermotion, Bodywork & Music

with Daniel Werner (GER), Vega Katri Luukkonen (FIN), Iiris Raipala (FIN), Alyssa Lynes (US), Hugh Stanier (UK), Ben Pavlidis (GER), Mokshia Frenzl (GER), Alice Rose (DK), Alexandra Schwartz (GER) and more.

Working with experiential somatic disciplines we explore inner and outer states, discovering where movement arises. With practices to enliven the senses and develop our somatic communication skills, we experiment with movement and touch in a safe, held container. We invite the healing elements of nature into our research through exercises on the beach. An evolutionary journey from water, to land & onto the dance floor!

Registration is open!

our awarded film In Touch Journey Goa