In Touch


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In Touch is a place where body, mind and spirit come together to play,
practice and celebrate through contact and improvisation.

In Touch Journey Ibiza


In Touch Journey Ibiza


13 - 19 Sep 2015

Registration open!


Contact Improvisation, Watercontact & Emotional Awareness.

With Mirva Mäkinen, Daniel Werner, Astiko Lopez Schugt.


Special acts with Arun Ji Ecstatic dance & Nataraj Biodance


Working with experiential somatic disciplines we explore inner and outer states, discovering where movement arises. With practices to enliven the senses and develop our somatic communication skills, we experiment with movement and touch in a safe, held container. We invite the healing elements of nature into our research through exercises on the beach. An evolutionary journey from water, to land & onto the dance floor!

Special approach in a warm water pool, were we will reach a deeper somatic connection while moving in water with others. Unfortunatly Sophie Costes can not come this time, therefore we invited Mirva Mäkinen. Daniel Werner will lead the warm water classes and beach ocean sessions.