In Touch


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In Touch is a place where body, mind and spirit come together to play,
practice and celebrate through contact and improvisation.

Teachers Training 2014/15 

with international working possibilities.

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BODY LOVE Festival Berlin


In Touch Film

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Contact Festival Berlin

28 May - 1 June 2014


A somatic journey into being In Touch through

Contact Improvisation, Somatic Practices & Watermotion

Led by some of the most experienced teachers in europe.

Intensive courses with Daniel Werner, Ka Rustler & Jörg Hassmann,

Classes with Iiris Raipala, Jamus & Lee, Hanna Sistek, Julian Romeo, Irene Sposetti, Katri Luukkonen, Tanja Siebenstern, Juli Gabor

Skillful dancing in safe spaces. Listen, melt, surrender into magical moments of great clarity.  Liquid motion in an extraordinary water basin of archaic power. Meeting yourself floating in timelessness. Allow gravity to arise, surrender into your own body, touching the essence of life. Find yourself lost in a dance of unexspected  intensity, remembering your forgotten dreams. Listen to the ancient call of humanity, a great relief and a glimpse of what it means to be one. Like as it began so it will end ... and we will not be the same anymore.

Musik by Florian Betz