In Touch


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In Touch is a place where body, mind and spirit come together to play,
practice and celebrate through contact and improvisation.

Berlin Contact Festival, 4-8 May 2016


Contact Improvisation, Axis Syllabus, Watermotion and Developmental Patterns

with Paul Singh, Kira Kirsch, Daniel Werner, Iiris Raipala, Nadja Schwarzenbach, Nina Wehnert, Riccardo Meneghini, Dino Spiri, Marielle Gerke, Alessandro Rivellino, Yaniv Ginton, Naama Ityel, Caterina Mocciola, Florian Betz, Matthieu Panassie and more

Berlin Contact Festival explores dance and body awareness, from a deep individual journey into connection and celebration with others. Working with experiential somatic disciplines and Contact Improvisation in warm water and on the dance floor. The teachers offer skill building intensives, classes & labs. Discovering where movement arises, bringing it into different aspects of dance, improvisation and performing arts. Nightly dance jams inspired by eclectic live musicians.  Registration is open.